make time to make.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Have a lovely holiday!

We are pretty much just baking cookies and hanging out the rest of the year.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Craft Hacks?

I talked to a nice writer from The Onion a couple of weeks ago about Space Oddities and what we make. There is an article on The Onion/A.V. Club's local Madison site, Decider today which talks about unique gifts you can buy locally. Our "I'm Totally Into" Tote bags and Mom's the Bomb/Rad Dad pins got a mention. You can see the whole article HERE.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Originally uploaded by space oddities

I had my last holiday show on Saturday night - a trunk show at Lazy Jane's. Chad and I were both able to go this time, yay! The show was organized by the Wisconsin etsy street team which happens to be an awesome group of people. I have to say that for a short event (5-9pm) it had a pretty great turn out of shoppers. Chad sold an original drawing and people were definitely picking up lots of gifts for the upcoming holiday. This is also the first craft show this season where I've been able to do a little shopping and I took advantage! I found a few great gifts and a couple of things for myself, too. Yay!

Chad's going to brave this obscenely cold weather and take a box of goodies down to Anthology today. We've been so busy with shows lately that we've been neglecting them so it's time to restock! I'm hoping to get downtown for some last minute gifts before Christmas next week. Wow…is Christmas really next week?!

I still have lots of fun things in my etsy shop and listed some new and awesome Star Wars items over the weekend. My kids helped me tear and cut some of the images for these. I think that we need to work with them to make them understand why we rip up some books and not others, though. Lars was reading one of his books yesterday and just started ripping the cover off (it was a little rough looking but not ready to ditch!) and when I asked him why he was destroying the book he was totally nonchalant about it and said that he just wanted to rip it. I tried to explain that if he wants to rip a book he needs to ask us first and that we only rip up the books that mommy and daddy have set aside for crafting. I hope that this sunk in because we have a LOT of books that I would rather not have torn into pieces for the sake of art!

Okay well if you're in Wisconsin I hope you're staying inside today because it's COLD out there! Have a lovely week!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Okay so I've been neglecting this blog a little lately. Time for an update!

The Craftacular was on Saturday in Madison and it was GREAT! I did the show all day by myself which was not ideal and of course showed up JUST in time to get set up which is typical me. But the show went really well and was busy and wonderful and I was even able to sneak away from my table a couple of times thanks to my friend Kelly who was nice enough to give me a couple of much needed breaks. Thanks SO MUCH to everyone who came out to the show. It was so great to see everyone and so nice to have the support of friends.

This Saturday 12/13 will be my last holiday show! You can find Space Oddities wares, AtomKid artwork and lots of other goodies from 20+ Wisconsin vendors on Saturday at Lazy Jane's, 1358 Williamson St. from 5-9pm. Hope to see you there!

We have lots of fun new things and maybe it's time I show you a few. I've been keeping busy restocking my etsy shop with superheroes and star wars galore and have also printed some new onesies and shirts in the past few weeks.

Kid versions of our record shirts

Pink and blue robot onesies

And more cupcakes.

I am excited for the show on Saturday but I'm also anxious for after the show when I can kick back and relax and get ready for Christmas!

Have a great week everyone!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Craftacular! Craftacular! Craftacular!

This Saturday is Craftacular time!

Come visit us and over 60 other local and regional vendors at the Madison Masonic Center, 301 Wisconsin Ave, Madison, WI. THIS SATURDAY December 6 from 10am-6pm.

You can find more details including a vendor list HERE.

Come early! The first FIFTY shoppers will receive a canvas tote bag filled with goodies and coupons from vendors.

Excellent! So I'll see you there!


Sunday, November 30, 2008

what a day!

notre bombe mirror
Originally uploaded by space oddities

I had big plans to print a big batch of tote bags, a small batch of onesies and finish a custom order that includes 3" buttons. Well, I literally couldn't find ANYthing I needed to finish any of those projects. I was missing the right color of ink for the onesies, can't find where I tucked away the tote bags to print on, and I've managed to misplace the mylar covering needed to make the buttons. Grrr! Things are just not coming up Andrea tonight.

Instead of scrapping my crafty day entirely I decided to give up tearing apart my house to find the needed crafty stuff and work on different projects. I decoupaged 3 pretty frames, listed a few new things including this french text mirror in my etsy shop, and finished up the items I'm using for the swag bags for upcoming shows.

So it all worked out okay. But...I seriously need to get organized. How many times have I said that on this blog? A lot.

But for serious this time.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick update

We were at DIY Trunk show on Saturday and it was great! The show was really well organized and well attended. We had good sales and met lots of awesome people. Yay!

And as usual...every time Chad and I go to Chicago we end up wanting to move there. EVERY time. One of these days we might just do it. It's such a great city!

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks! Our next show is the Craftacular on December 6. I'm going to try to get a few things restocked before then but I also have a ton of things to do at home and don't have any time off from my day job. There is not enough time in the day. Gaaah!

Have a lovely holiday! Oh! And if you have a fantastic banana cake recipe please share…I am looking for a perfect birthday cake to make for a Thanksgiving/Birthday surprise.


Monday, November 17, 2008

a whole lot of printing.

I spent a few hours printing like crazy today.

First I finished up a small batch of adult VIVA LA VINYL t-shirts. We sold almost completely out of them after our last couple of shows and needed to restock. While I was at it I decided to print some hoodies that I had been holding on to for ages. I just wanted to have fun with it and decided to give these a fun, messy, mixed up look. It feels a little bit like graffiti and a little bit like a kid made it by themselves. I'm really happy with how these turned out!

Next I printed some RAD DAD t-shirts. I have had several requests for these and since I had some shirts on hand I decided to make a few for upcoming shows. These are also listed in my etsy shop.

Early in the day I was waiting on the mail in hopes that the gocco ink I ordered would arrive today. It never came so I didn't finish all of the bibs I planned to print. I did make these cupcake bibs, though:

and I'll be printing another batch of owls later this week when the ink arrives. I also hope to find time to print more tote bags before the weekend. The question is: can I heat set ALL of this stuff by Saturday morning? Ha!

Oh! So even though I didn't get my gocco supplies in the mail it was still a super exciting mail day. I received a package stuffed full of goodies from Bare Tree. They sent some seriously awesome items for the WIST Trunk Show swag bags. You're not going to want to miss out! Mark your calendars for December 13 and come early!

Well, I'm exhausted. It's back to my day job tomorrow but I know I'm going to have some late nights between now and then. I'm so excited for all of the shows coming up! If only I had it in me to plan better. I have just never been much of a planner. I don't know how all of you organized crafty ladies do it. Kudos to you!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

goodbye autumn

sweet thank you card
Originally uploaded by space oddities

I made this little card the other day. It's simple and makes me smile. The brown and the tree print make this have a definite autumn feel so I guess I'm not exactly on the ball if I'm trying to be seasonal.

Fall is too brief. So sad.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

time to get busy.

mix it up magnet set
Originally uploaded by space oddities

This 'mix it up' magnet set is my reminder that I need to stop mixing up my priorities this week and get busy! The messy house and random projects can wait, it's time to kick out the craft!

My first holiday show is next weekend and I'm super excited. I'm hoping to finish up some more inventory before then but time is short so I'm going to try to keep it to a handful of projects: printing bibs, printing more 'i'm totally into' bags, making and packaging one more batch of magnets/magnet sets. This along with all of the heat setting/tagging/packaging should keep me plenty busy in the next week!! I'm even thinking of taking a day off from my regular job just to have a relaxed day of crafting before next Friday. Hmmmm. There is just not enough time!

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

Monday, November 10, 2008

dark side

star wars pin set - dark side
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I am feeling my dark and brooding winter blues coming on already and I'm trying like hell to fight it. I had a long talk with my BFF jessi today and sometimes just talking to someone and reallllly venting makes a big big difference. I actually feel better having spilled all of my random frustrations to her. Thank goodness for good friends.

Luckily I've been too busy with etsy orders and preparing for upcoming shows to get myself in too much of a funk. Tonight I packaged a few orders and got my packing supplies organized in preparation for the (hopefully) busy upcoming holiday season. I really need to get printing this week so I have a decent amount of inventory for the shows coming up. I made Chad promise me that he'll help me print and heat set tomorrow. We have a show next weekend already, gaaah!

Oh! My cupcake tote was featured on cuteable today. Yay!

Okay that's all I've got.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas Owls

Originally uploaded by space oddities

I scored these adorable vintage owl figurines at the thrift store yesterday. Aren't they sweet?

I also spent literally an hour cleaning two gocco screens last night (it's tough when you let them sit in the fridge too long, ugh) and printed a small batch of cupcake onesies and a small batch of owl onesies. This weekend and early next week I plan to print tote bags, bibs and possibly new shirts. Then I will be all gocco-d out and ready to send some items off to consignment shops and hopefully be closer to being ready for upcoming shows.

That's the plan. I'm sticking to it.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

cupcake magnet

cupcake magnet
Originally uploaded by space oddities

I know the picture isn't the greatest, but isn't it CUTE? I colorized Chad's cupcake design that we used for the tote bags and made it into a sweet BIG magnet. It's available in my etsy shop along new star wars pins and other fun stuff.

I really can't believe that our first winter show is in just over 2 weeks. Does that mean it's going to start feeling like winter soon? So crazy. Well, I am going to try to get my supplies taken care of this weekend so I can make make make up until the DIY Trunk Show on the 22nd. I don't have much for inventory now so I'm planning to make LOTS over the next couple of weeks. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 3, 2008

A few things

1. Space Oddities was featured on the isthmus online last week! The article is HERE if you'd like to read it.

2. My grandmother passed away last week. I gets easier with time, right? I know it's only been a week but now that I'm back in town and the funeral and everything is over I am way more emotional. I wish I wasn't such an emotional person. I feel like I can't function and can't handle anyone asking me about her. I feel wrecked when I think about it.

3. I kept hearing about TWITTER while chatting in the etsy forums. Twitter this, tweet that. I vowed not to even look (just like I wasn't going to join indiepublic or flickr or facebook...) but of course curiousity took over and I checked it out and joined today. If you have also taken the plunge, please, come follow me! I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing yet. But it's apparent that it is quite addictive!

4. I am excited for winter shows! But I have not been motivated to make much. I'm going to try to get back in the groove of making new things this week. Instead of making new stuff I've been trying to clean and organize my house and have been taking pictures for my vintage shop. I listed this vintage french song book over the weekend. It's prettier on the inside. You can see it up close HERE. :)

5. It's seventy degrees in Wisconsin today.


Saturday, November 1, 2008


Originally uploaded by space oddities

This picture is from a national geographic ad from the early 1940s. The ad was about the manufacturing boom and why manufactured is better than handmade. The text and goofy picture totally crack me up. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

what's new?

I have a few new things in my shop this week. First, I listed some fun Star Wars and super hero pins

I am lucky to have lots of comic scraps left and plan to make lots more of the smaller pins, magnets and maybe some bigger magnets and mirrors for upcoming shows.

I also decided to print more owl-iday cards this year since they seemed to be pretty popular last year. I cleaned up the image and revamped the text just a bit to give it a slightly different look than last year. I'm happy with how the cards turned out.

Well, we are leaving town and will be gone for a few days. Enjoy your halloween and the last gasp of autumn!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We went to Halloween at the zoo on Sunday. Of course it was nuts and we didn't even attempt the trick-or-treat circuit. We did have a really nice time, though. We rode the carousel, (Jette always says "I ride the monkey!") we played in the leaves, we looked at the creepy reptiles and insects. It was a nice morning. Jette had a cute costume under her coat. I'm determined to get a shot of it later this week. I don't think I got any of Lars with his puppy costume on, either. He wanted to be darth vader but last minute decided to wear last year's puppy outfit. What can I say, he likes puppies.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I made another owl candle last night.

It turned out bad. Bubbly. Plus it was really really messy and cumbersome. Maybe this is not my gig.

Tonight I am determined to bust out the gocco and print some cards. I also want to get a batch of items ready to take to Anthology this weekend. I have a few other new stores to send goodies to but I've had a hard time getting everything together. All I want to do lately when I get home form work is chill with my kids and once they're in bed I want to sleep or make candles.

Maybe it's time I make a list of short term goals again. It seemed to work last time.

Tonight I would like to:
Go to the post office to mail etsy orders
Print owl-iday cards
Make and package a batch of big magnets

I'm not even going to start tomorrow's list because it's too overwhelming. If I can accomplish these three things tonight and maybe make dinner, spend an hour at the park with the kids, and do dishes...I will be thrilled.

In other news, on my half-awake drive to work this morning I thought I heard the guy on the radio say that it might snow next week. Was I dreaming? Autumn is so short. It's hard to believe that October is almost gone. Winter is really coming, isn't it?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Owl Candle

So here it is, my first attempt at candle making.

I didn't have time to try again tonight. I also managed to drop this candle while I was trying to get a picture. I guess it's better than dropping the camera.

Candle making is HARD.

So instead of knocking some items off of my to-do list yesterday, I randomly decided to try making candles for the first time. I found some awesome vintage candle molds at a thrift shop recently (an owl and a mushroom!) and have been itching to try making candles with them.

It was harder than I thought.

I had gathered all of the items I thought I would need according to the 1978 instructions (ha!) --- wax (pariffin,) dye, scent, candy thermometer, pyrex pourer, double boiler, lots of newspaper in case I spilled...and I googled a couple of last questions I had like could I re-melt if I screwed up and at what temperature should I add the dye and scent, etc.

Well here's what happened: I melted the wax to correct temperature, poured into pouring container, added in the dye in small pieces...and before I could even stir it in the wax was already starting to solidify. I quickly added the scent and poured in what I could. I re-melted the wax and tried again, this time letting the wax get a little hotter...and then poured again, a little more successfully but STILL the wax started to solidify pretty quickly. CRAP! Does anyone have candle making tips? Am I just not letting the wax get hot enough?

I finally filled the mold and this morning I was happy to open it and find an adorable avacado green owl that smells like peppermint. (I'll add a picture tonight.) YAY!!! But I have a looong way to go before I perfect this craft.

I think I will give it another shot tonight. I'm super excited to try again and hopefully get an even better final product. Hopefully one that doesn't take like four hours to get right. Any advice is appreciated!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

This weekend has been pretty uneventful. Of course I had good intentions to clean my house until it was sparkling clean and finish every project on my list but does that ever really happen? Not at my house. Yesterday we only made it as far as the west side farmer's market and to the grocery store and then spent most of the rest of the day doing craft projects with the kids and lots of loads of laundry. Today we're trying to clean up the house so that we can accomplish lots of other things in a calm, organized place instead of a messy crazy one. It's been pretty slow going. But the kids are having a blast "helping."

Here are a few newish pin sets that will be added to my shop this week:

I also have lots of new mirrors, and they now come packaged with organza pouches! Here are a couple that I really like:

Well, our NEW vacuum cleaner is already giving us trouble so I am off to try to exchange it. I lost my receipt! I really hope I can get a new one without a huge fuss. Wish me luck. This house needs some major work. :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

craft shows + cuteness

I have to share the illustration Chad made for the Holiday Craftacular coming up in Madison in December. The full poster will be printed soon after we finish a few details and get it off to Naomi but I thought it was about time to share the cuteness.

If you are around Madison and are still thinking about applying for the Craftacular there is still time! Just click here and apply by Friday 10/17.

And if you're part of the Wisconsin Etsy Street team there is still time to apply for the trunk show at Lazy Jane's on December 13. The deadline is coming up quickly (October 20) so GO HERE for details now!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i heart minneapolis

Where do I begin? Minneapolis kicks ass! We spent the weekend doing crafty stuff with crafty people in crafty places. Good times, good people, and lots of amazing art!!

Saturday we drove up to White Bear Lake as eaaaarly as we could make ourselves and made it just in time to set up our table. The show was fun. Our neighbors made by keli and fahzies were both fantastic and fun to chat with. Thanks so much to the ladies from Truly for putting on such a great show! We are planning to send items to them for consignment soon so if you're in White Bear Lake you should be able to find some of our work there soon.

After the show on Saturday we went out to dinner at Triple Rock with our friend kelly and her boyfriend greg. You may know Kelly from her etsy shops kellybot and pequenopequeno. The food was amazing (I've been dreaming about another minneapolis po' boy,) kelly and greg are amazing, and the only thing missing was sheela's cupcakes (triple rock was fresh out of them, boo!) I have to insert a HUGE SHOUT OUT/thank you/we owe you/you are awesome to greg and kelly for letting us crash at their place on Saturday and making our stay in the cities way better than it would have been if we were not in the company of friends.

Sunday we peddled our wares at the Handmaidens Fall Show in uptown Minneapolis. Again, it was super awesome. The i like you girls really know how to put on a show! There was a steady crowd of lots of enthusiastic shoppers and again, tons of great artists and crafters. We had more terrific neighbors and met lots of people we hope to see at future shows. We also started some early holiday shopping and made some fun trades with other vendors. Excellent.

If only we had MORE TIME to spend in the twin cities! Well, we'll take we can get. Thanks for your awesomeness, Minneapolis.

p.s. - my favorite thing all weekend was the "i (stomach) minneapolis" shirt at the i like you booth. hahaha! so clever.

Free MONSTERS!!!!!!!

Look! Chad is giving away a set of his Series One Monster ACEOs on Christopher and Tia's blog this week! You know you want it! CLICK HERE to enter!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm Totally Into______Right Now

I'm Totally Into______Right Now
Originally uploaded by space oddities

Since I can't do custom pins at the shows this weekend, I made a big batch of random stuff that people may or may not be totally into right now.

I think I need a SLEEP DEPRIVATION pin for tomorrow.

out of whack

So my blog is all wacky. An etsy friend made me aware that you're not able to leave comments and while I was trying to fix that I broke some other stuff.

I have a list of about 25 things to finish between now and tomorrow at like 4pm so I won't be attending to broken blog junk until next week when we are home from MN.

Okay I am off to start crossing stuff off of my to do list! Goodnight and have a lovely week!


We are heading up to Minneapolis this weekend! We'll be selling our wares at two shows, one in White Bear Lake and one in Uptown in Minneapolis.

On Saturday we'll be at CRAFTED TOGETHER which is featuring 60 local artists and crafters, live music and yummy food.

On Sunday you can find us at the Handmaiden MPLS Craftacular sponsored by i like you.

Chad and I are thrilled to be able to do both shows and spend the weekend in Minneapolis. We'll also get to meet the fabulous lady behind Kellybot and PequenoPequeno, yay! We haven't been to the Twin Cities in YEARS. I wish we had an extra day to just hang out and shop but we'll take what we can get.

If you're in the area please stop by and say hi! Looking forward to meeting lots folks this weekend!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Craft Gossip Feature!

Thanks to Craft Gossip for featuring our cupcake tote on their blog today!! What a nice surprise!

You can see the post here!

a whole lot of cupcakes.

Last night I decided to use up my brown gocco ink to print a few random blank onesies I had in my bin of supplies. I printed the 3 onesies and still had some ink so I decided to print on one of my favorite shirts. And then on the pocket of a sweatshirt...and then I started digging through my laundry to find more things to print cupcakes on. Luckily I ran out of ink, or I'm afraid that pretty much all of my wardrobe would have been adorned with chocolate brown cupcakes. Once I start printing it's hard to stop. I'll often dig through the kids' dresser drawers to find anything blank that I can print for them. Am I the only one who does this? Ha! I start thinking...would my son like a cupcake shirt? Could I use cupcake dish towels? Eventually I either run out of material or out of ink, thank goodness.

It's too early and I am already feeling like it's going to be "one of those days."


Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Cupcake Tote!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine was busy as usual. Guess what? I have a new tote bag design ready to reveal!


The Cupcake Tote:

This is another one that has been stuck in my head for a long time! The cupcake tote comes in light pink or light blue and includes removable cherries (pinback buttons.) The buttons are made from all kinds of papers including french text (a favorite of mine), pretty wrapping papers, fabrics, etc. - so each cupcake tote will be unique.

This bag has already got me wanting to frequent the bakery more...yes, I am seriously that impressionable.

We have two shows coming up in MN this weekend! I'm super excited and will post more about them in the next day or two!

Hope your day is the sweetest!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


It's been a crazy week!

Geek.kon was fun but super exhausting. I was definitely ready to come home and relax on Sunday! I am working on a lot of random projects this week and trying to get enough inventory ready for the two shows in MN next weekend. Of course my kids have not been in the mood to play quietly while mommy gets stuff done in the evenings! Chad started a part time job and so far it's been totally fine. We still have a few nights a week together and they are being super flexible when he needs weekends off for shows.

Jette has been totally into hats this week. When she doesn't have a hat to wear she is totally whining MY HAAAT!

It's so annoying and cute. You know, like cute little kid annoying. :)

And then there is this:

These totes are the new item that I was super excited about last week! I gocco printed the text and the idea is that you can change out a text button (BIG 3" buttons!) whenever you feel like it. I'm going to be selling packs of buttons in sets of 5 - right now the only listing I have is for a CUSTOM set but I plan to put together fun themed packs. New phrases coming soon! You can look at the bags more closely HERE in my etsy shop.

Also I have to tell you that the 'gnomes' pin was a huge hit at geek.kon. I never knew that gnomes had such wide appeal!

Have a lovely day!

Friday, September 26, 2008


Well this was my list from yesterday of things I hoped to accomplish:

print dragon bags for geek.kon
package pins
finish one of the custom button orders
work on craftacular flyer design
start printing one other bag design (the one that I was talking about earlier this week that involves kittens and gnomes, ha!)

Can you believe that I did everything except the packaging? I even ENTIRELY finished the new bag design. I am thrilled with how it turned out and can't wait to show you. I will try to get a photo up this weekend.

Tonight we'll be having a heat setting party, for sure. Soooo much heat setting to do, ugh.

And tomororw morning we'll be at Geek.Kon bright and early! Actually I will be. As it turns out we will not have a babysitter as we had hoped. So for most of the weekend we'll be trading off working the table. I can't wait until my kids are a little older and can keep occupied long enough that I can bring them with me to shows!

Have a lovely first weekend of autumn!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

busy busy busy + a WINNER!

Congrats theresaj! You are the lucky winner of the geeky goodies giveaway! Thanks to everyone who entered. It was totally fun to hear about all of your favorite robots.

Lars is four years old today. I took the day off thinking that we'd go to breakfast and maybe a movie (we've been wanting to do a movie for like 2 weeks and it hasn't worked out) but sadly I don't think we'll have time to do much more than breakfast. I have 2 big custom button orders, a show to prepare for this weekend, and several other projects in the works that are time sensitive. When it rains it pours! I'm happy to have lots of work and lots of things to keep me busy. It's just funny how it always works this way, isn't it? Plus Chad went to sleep with a headache and woke up with an even worse headache. NO FUN! I hope he's back to 100% soon so we can both get to work.

I'm off to get started on my gocco. Here is what I hope to accomplish today in the world of craft
(maybe writing it down will help me get organized?!)::::

print dragon bags for geek.kon
package pins
finish one of the custom button orders
work on craftacular flyer design
start printing one other bag design (the one that I was talking about earlier this week that involves kittens and gnomes, ha!)

But in all honesty, if I get even half of those things half finished it'll be a good day.

Tomorrow is going to be all about the heat setting. Ugh. My least favorite part about gocco printing.

I will leave you with this cute owl man that I found while thrifting recently. He's found a home on top of our (again) broken record player for the time being.

ok have a lovely day everyone!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Check it.

Chad and I are working on a new and exciting product.

it involves:


but mostly stuff and things.

We are still in phase one which involves a lot of brainstorming and waiting impatiently for supplies.

More soon as the story unfolds.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Super Secret Geek.Kon Post II

Geek.Kon is a mere week away and you should be excited! The lineup is coming together and it includes awesome sci-fi and anime viewings, lots of special guests, panelists, artists, vendors and a ROCKBAND competition to name a few highlights.

And it's FREE?!

Will you be there? You would pretty much be crazy not to be there. The level of awesomeness is just too severe.

Plus I am giving stuff away.

If you are attending the con this weekend and want a chance to win something for FREE (or even if you're not and you're just into free stuff…) well here is your chance! Just leave a comment on this blog and give me your two cents on this topic: your favorite robot. It can be any robot - from T.V., movies, cartoons, whatever. I'll start: I love iron giant. It's such an awesome story and he's such a cool looking robot. I have to show my kids this movie soon!

Make sure you leave an e-mail address or some way to get in touch with you if you are the lucky winner. I will pick a winner randomly on Thursday 9/25 and post back here to announce who gets the goods.

The goods? What are the goods you ask? We are giving away an ultimate geek gift pack. It includes: Lord of the Rings Magnet Set, Hellas Kitty Notecard, and a TALK NERDY TO ME pin.

Good luck! See you next weekend, fellow geeks! Please feel free to stop by and visit us in the vendor room at the con. We might have something special for you if you mention this blog post.