make time to make.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life is good and busy, just how I like it. A quick update on what's up in CraftTherapyLand, yes? 

Jette had her first ballet recital last month and it was so adorable I can't even believe it.  Here's a photo of the kiddos together just after the recital.  
Spring. It's here. The kids are so happy to be able to play outside now that the weather has slowly started to get decent. They are as sweet and willful as ever and make my every day more special.

I have been keeping very busy between my day job, helping out at Glitter Workshop, the kiddos, the farmers' market (which I have not been to much yet...but there is a LOT of the season left!) and everything else that life throws at me. Unfortunately I have not made a lot of new products lately. I have a few new ideas that I have been wanting to try but I just haven't found the time to pull it together. 

I have been making more fun hair pins. 

And some other assorted goodies. But what I really want to do is get printing some new designs! And old designs. I have been itching to get the Gocco out. Hopefully my next post will be gocco related. And new design related. We shall see what time allows. 

Happy spring, friends!!