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Monday, June 29, 2009

Stuff I've made lately.

1. Triple Berry Cobbler. Recipe HERE. I used raspberries, blackberries , strawberries.

T-shirts Gocco Printed using my 6 year old nephews design. He cut the little heart shape with a spiral cut into it all on his own. It was so adorable that my sister-in-law decided to turn the design into shirts! We had a fun night printing. Love how they turned out.

More food! Puffy Oven Pancakes, also known as panakuken.

I made the apple variation:

2 Tbsp butter
2 large eggs
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup milk
1/4 tsp salt
lemon juice and powdered sugar

1.heat oven to 400. melt butter in pie plate in oven and brush butter on side of pie plate.

2. Sprinkle 2 tbsp packed brown sugar and 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon evenly over melted butter in pie plate. Arrange 1 cup thinly sliced peeled baking apples (1 medium) over the sugar.

3. beat eggs slightly in medium bowl w/ wire whisk. Beat in remaining ingredients except lemon juice/powdered sugar.

4. Pour batter over apples. Bake 30-35 minutes. Immediately loosen edge of pancake and turn upside down onto heatproof serving plate.

Serve immediately sprinkled with lemon juice and powdered sugar if desired.

---or omit step 2 and cut baking time by 5-10 minutes to make this without apples

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gocco on wood.

raining in my heart print on maple wood veneer
Originally uploaded by space oddities

I decided to experiment with printing on wood veneer last night. I stopped by a specialty wood store and found this pretty maple wood veneer and then gocco printed Chad's "raining in my heart" illustration on it. The prints turned out really crisp. We already have one sitting on our mantle and it's so pretty.

While I was at the wood store I was also convinced to take a class to learn how to build an acoustic guitar (it didn't take much convincing.) I have no idea when I will have the time or money to do this but it is officially on my list of things to learn!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where do I begin?

First off, the cable for my camera has been missing since we moved over a month ago. Now that I finally have a way to upload photos, I have a ton to show you! Time to catch up!!

We moved at the beginning of May. Our lease was going to be up at our duplex and we were dreading the idea of continuing to rent. All of the great incentives for first time home buyers along with a lot of encouragement from my family made us decide to go ahead and buy. We found a great townhouse style condo in Verona, just on the edge of Madison/Verona and actually even a little closer to work than we were before. Here are a few photos.

We have a lot of work to do to get the place the way we want it. Nothing huge - just lots of small projects. A few big ones, I guess. I will be happy just to finish painting the living room. The pink/aqua dining room makes me happy. It's really hard for me to not paint EVERYthing that color.

Moving on: Gratuitous photos of my kids:

We've been having so much fun this spring. We've visited Wisconsin Dells a couple of times - once for a couple days at Kalahari (they LOVED the waterpark) and once for a day trip to visit friends and Robot World (I don't care if it's called Tommy Bartlett Exploratory now...I'm still calling it Robot World.) We have been spending lots of time outside - bikes, parks, water fights, parades, fireworks, hikes, zoo, picnics, walks to the library and everywhere else - I so love this nice weather. Chad has been absolutely wearing the kids out during the days. It's great! :)

Oh! Our CSA shares started last week. Here is a photo of our first box. Lots of greens! Big salads at the Thorson household this week. Week 2 was about the same except they added some chives to the mix. YUM. I can't wait for berries. Lars can't wait for broccoli. :)

Finally, we haven't been making a lot of new things just yet but we have ideas brewing. I have been working on an art journal project just for fun. Chad and I have been coming up with some ideas for new post cards and possibly shirts. As soon as I can carve out a bit of time to make these ideas reality, we'll have some new things to show you! In the meantime, I have been adding a few new things here and there into my etsy shop and have listed some oldies but goodies as well. I also started a facebook page for Space Oddities - you can visit us and become a fan by clicking HERE!


Friday, June 5, 2009

art journal fun

I'm participating in an art journal swap that Laura
is organizing on Facebook. Each person will choose a theme and start their book before passing it on to the next person. I'm super excited about this project! It's probably not a huge surprise to you that theme I chose is: love notes. I am addicted to valentines and love text in my work so there you have it. Here are the first few pages of my book.

I'm planning to bring it to Anthology this weekend for Laura to add to and pass on. Yay!