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Sunday, November 30, 2008

what a day!

notre bombe mirror
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I had big plans to print a big batch of tote bags, a small batch of onesies and finish a custom order that includes 3" buttons. Well, I literally couldn't find ANYthing I needed to finish any of those projects. I was missing the right color of ink for the onesies, can't find where I tucked away the tote bags to print on, and I've managed to misplace the mylar covering needed to make the buttons. Grrr! Things are just not coming up Andrea tonight.

Instead of scrapping my crafty day entirely I decided to give up tearing apart my house to find the needed crafty stuff and work on different projects. I decoupaged 3 pretty frames, listed a few new things including this french text mirror in my etsy shop, and finished up the items I'm using for the swag bags for upcoming shows.

So it all worked out okay. But...I seriously need to get organized. How many times have I said that on this blog? A lot.

But for serious this time.

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creativesundries said...

Cuuute mirror! I love the bluebird SpaceOddities mirror I got at the October Handmaiden Mpls. show!

Hope your shows this week go well!

Sarah :-)