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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i heart minneapolis

Where do I begin? Minneapolis kicks ass! We spent the weekend doing crafty stuff with crafty people in crafty places. Good times, good people, and lots of amazing art!!

Saturday we drove up to White Bear Lake as eaaaarly as we could make ourselves and made it just in time to set up our table. The show was fun. Our neighbors made by keli and fahzies were both fantastic and fun to chat with. Thanks so much to the ladies from Truly for putting on such a great show! We are planning to send items to them for consignment soon so if you're in White Bear Lake you should be able to find some of our work there soon.

After the show on Saturday we went out to dinner at Triple Rock with our friend kelly and her boyfriend greg. You may know Kelly from her etsy shops kellybot and pequenopequeno. The food was amazing (I've been dreaming about another minneapolis po' boy,) kelly and greg are amazing, and the only thing missing was sheela's cupcakes (triple rock was fresh out of them, boo!) I have to insert a HUGE SHOUT OUT/thank you/we owe you/you are awesome to greg and kelly for letting us crash at their place on Saturday and making our stay in the cities way better than it would have been if we were not in the company of friends.

Sunday we peddled our wares at the Handmaidens Fall Show in uptown Minneapolis. Again, it was super awesome. The i like you girls really know how to put on a show! There was a steady crowd of lots of enthusiastic shoppers and again, tons of great artists and crafters. We had more terrific neighbors and met lots of people we hope to see at future shows. We also started some early holiday shopping and made some fun trades with other vendors. Excellent.

If only we had MORE TIME to spend in the twin cities! Well, we'll take we can get. Thanks for your awesomeness, Minneapolis.

p.s. - my favorite thing all weekend was the "i (stomach) minneapolis" shirt at the i like you booth. hahaha! so clever.


Kari said...

Glad your show went well for you! Next time I visit my Grandma in White Bear I may have to check out your stuff! (I'm from Minnesota!)

Kellybot said...

Minneapolis hearts you too! It's too bad we didn't get to spend more time together. Greg was thrilled to have someone to be nerdy with.

glitterstar said...

Sounds like a great time! :)