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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A good mail day

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I was super thrilled to find a mailbox full of goodies when I got home from work yesterday! There was a facebook thing going around where you sign up to make something for 5 people/and can sign up to have people make something for you. I was lucky enough to snag a spot to have Laura AND Emily make something for me. So yesterday SURPRISE! I received this amazing collage made by Laura. It's perfect! I especially love the silly text and the birds. I asked Lars what he thought of the collage when we opened it yesterday and he said "It's pretty mama, I like the birds. Are they flying with me?" and Jette said "It's baby Jette and her brother?" So sweet. This will have a special place on the walls of our new home!

I also received this awesome cupcake trivet made by Emily.

She said this is the first one she's made and is going to be introducing them into her line. Isn't it perfect? This will also have a special place in our kitchen when we move. So exicted! If you have to have one of your own you can take a look at Emily's shop.

In addition to all of the great handmade goodies I ALSO got a car adapter for my MP3 player from my dear friend Jessi in the mail yesterday. Now I can listen to all of my favorite music in the car. Excellent! Thanks Jessi!!

Well, I have not made anything new lately. I will probably be the last one to MAKE stuff for the facebook making stuff deal and I haven't made anything new for my etsy shop for weeks. Chad and I have been working on cleaning out our garage and packing so that we can hopefully rent our place ASAP and save on a couple months of extra rent. As long as everything goes smoothly we are moving in just 3 weeks!

It's looking gorgeous outside today and it sounds like it's going to be beautiful outside the next few days. Chad and I plan to take the kids bright and early to the first day of the famer's market downtown on Saturday. No, we are not vending…we decided to give it another year since we anticipated this spring/summer to be a busy one with our move. But we loooove the market…so we'll see you there!