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Thursday, October 2, 2008


It's been a crazy week!

Geek.kon was fun but super exhausting. I was definitely ready to come home and relax on Sunday! I am working on a lot of random projects this week and trying to get enough inventory ready for the two shows in MN next weekend. Of course my kids have not been in the mood to play quietly while mommy gets stuff done in the evenings! Chad started a part time job and so far it's been totally fine. We still have a few nights a week together and they are being super flexible when he needs weekends off for shows.

Jette has been totally into hats this week. When she doesn't have a hat to wear she is totally whining MY HAAAT!

It's so annoying and cute. You know, like cute little kid annoying. :)

And then there is this:

These totes are the new item that I was super excited about last week! I gocco printed the text and the idea is that you can change out a text button (BIG 3" buttons!) whenever you feel like it. I'm going to be selling packs of buttons in sets of 5 - right now the only listing I have is for a CUSTOM set but I plan to put together fun themed packs. New phrases coming soon! You can look at the bags more closely HERE in my etsy shop.

Also I have to tell you that the 'gnomes' pin was a huge hit at geek.kon. I never knew that gnomes had such wide appeal!

Have a lovely day!


Atom Kid said...

Jette and I are looking at her picture and drinking coffee right now.

Glitterworkshop said...

what's there not to love about gnomes?? my whole house is full of them! a bit freaky to visitors perhaps, but oh well.

i adore the new poster design... tell chad he kicks butt!

Maggie said...

Those bags are really cute!

Christopher And Tia said...

Those totes are GENIUS.