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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I made another owl candle last night.

It turned out bad. Bubbly. Plus it was really really messy and cumbersome. Maybe this is not my gig.

Tonight I am determined to bust out the gocco and print some cards. I also want to get a batch of items ready to take to Anthology this weekend. I have a few other new stores to send goodies to but I've had a hard time getting everything together. All I want to do lately when I get home form work is chill with my kids and once they're in bed I want to sleep or make candles.

Maybe it's time I make a list of short term goals again. It seemed to work last time.

Tonight I would like to:
Go to the post office to mail etsy orders
Print owl-iday cards
Make and package a batch of big magnets

I'm not even going to start tomorrow's list because it's too overwhelming. If I can accomplish these three things tonight and maybe make dinner, spend an hour at the park with the kids, and do dishes...I will be thrilled.

In other news, on my half-awake drive to work this morning I thought I heard the guy on the radio say that it might snow next week. Was I dreaming? Autumn is so short. It's hard to believe that October is almost gone. Winter is really coming, isn't it?

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