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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

time to get busy.

mix it up magnet set
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This 'mix it up' magnet set is my reminder that I need to stop mixing up my priorities this week and get busy! The messy house and random projects can wait, it's time to kick out the craft!

My first holiday show is next weekend and I'm super excited. I'm hoping to finish up some more inventory before then but time is short so I'm going to try to keep it to a handful of projects: printing bibs, printing more 'i'm totally into' bags, making and packaging one more batch of magnets/magnet sets. This along with all of the heat setting/tagging/packaging should keep me plenty busy in the next week!! I'm even thinking of taking a day off from my regular job just to have a relaxed day of crafting before next Friday. Hmmmm. There is just not enough time!

Have a lovely Wednesday everyone!

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Jessi said...

"kick out the craft"?