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Monday, December 15, 2008

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I had my last holiday show on Saturday night - a trunk show at Lazy Jane's. Chad and I were both able to go this time, yay! The show was organized by the Wisconsin etsy street team which happens to be an awesome group of people. I have to say that for a short event (5-9pm) it had a pretty great turn out of shoppers. Chad sold an original drawing and people were definitely picking up lots of gifts for the upcoming holiday. This is also the first craft show this season where I've been able to do a little shopping and I took advantage! I found a few great gifts and a couple of things for myself, too. Yay!

Chad's going to brave this obscenely cold weather and take a box of goodies down to Anthology today. We've been so busy with shows lately that we've been neglecting them so it's time to restock! I'm hoping to get downtown for some last minute gifts before Christmas next week. Wow…is Christmas really next week?!

I still have lots of fun things in my etsy shop and listed some new and awesome Star Wars items over the weekend. My kids helped me tear and cut some of the images for these. I think that we need to work with them to make them understand why we rip up some books and not others, though. Lars was reading one of his books yesterday and just started ripping the cover off (it was a little rough looking but not ready to ditch!) and when I asked him why he was destroying the book he was totally nonchalant about it and said that he just wanted to rip it. I tried to explain that if he wants to rip a book he needs to ask us first and that we only rip up the books that mommy and daddy have set aside for crafting. I hope that this sunk in because we have a LOT of books that I would rather not have torn into pieces for the sake of art!

Okay well if you're in Wisconsin I hope you're staying inside today because it's COLD out there! Have a lovely week!

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Lulu said...

I know Christmas in less than a week......I'm in shock......argh!!!!

Happy Holidays....and don't buy the kiddies any books for a bit ; )