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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

birds and branches.

I love how this magnet set turned out! Oh, can I just take the rest of the week off of work and do some FUN work? Come on!

I was planning to set up a booth to sell my wares at a local festival this weekend but my friend who was the reason I was doing it to begin with cancelled on me! Luckily the event is completely disorganized and the organizers are totally cryptic about I think we can just not show up and that's that. Ugh. I guess the bright side is that I will have more inventory ready for Renegade! So...Yay!


stilettoheights said...

that is beautiful, the colors are wonderful

Shell Mitchell said...

Love the magnets!

Sweet Spice said...

I love the colors!! very pretty!

Emily said...

Bummer about the show. But great magnets!

L said...

That too bad about the craft show. Oh well there will be others. I really like the colors of the button in your pic.