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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Today is my 9th wedding anniversary! For serious!! I am 29 years old and man, do I feel OLD today!

I had a lovely weekend full of family fun. My second child's first birthday was a blast! I can't believe my little girl is so grown up! Boo!

I heart this cupcake tree that I made in lieu of a cake. I wanted to get a rainbow effect but was afraid to put all of the colors in the bag at the same time. So I settled for some rainbows and some plain ones. It ended up pretty darn cute. We let her destroy her own little cake, too. Fun!!


The Rocking Pony said...

I love the cupcake cake. Good move not putting the icing colors in the bag together. Take it from someone who's already tried it. All you really get are a lot of mud frosted cookies.

Jessi said...

happy late anniversary too!
the cupcakes look delicious.
can one mail cupcakes? if so, do it!

Cathy said...

happy anniversary - and happy 1st birthday to your little one! very pretty cake.

knitsteel said...

that's so cute. Happy Birthday to her! I love those first birthday cake photos!