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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Valentine Gift Guide!

My etsy shop has lots of offer for Valentine's Day so I thought I'd show off a sampling. The guide below is clickable so you can click on any item for more details. Ah, can you feel the love?

All screen printed totes are still on sale for only $6.00 through this weekend. I am hoping to clear out a little inventory to make room for new designs.

Tonight I want to decoupage some picture frames. Well, first I have to prep the frames so maybe I will at least get that much done tonight. The area where I craft is so cluttered and messy right now, I am having a hard time wanting to work! Perhaps I should focus on getting organized.

See, this is the problem. So many things, so little time. Where to begin…! It's a miracle that I finish Anything, really.


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