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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Organizing, Apartment Hunting

Around this time last week I was fired up about getting my craft area organized. That fire died in no time flat. I have just had no time this past week! I also haven't made much new this week. I am in this rut where I know what I want to make but I am so exhausted by the end of the day that I can't force myself to do it, even though I want to more than anything.

Hopefully my ideas will spring into action this weekend. I want to get out the gocco and print some cards that chad and I have been working on. I want to decoupage several more compact mirrors and some picture frames. And I want to get some of my pin sets into pretty packaging. The organizing might have to wait a few more weeks until I get these ideas out of my system! Hopefully find lots more fun stuff like these sweet bookcovers I came across in my last big organizing overhaul

Chad and I are going to look at an apartment on Saturday. Our lease is up in May and we have decided that as nice as it is to have a 2 car garage, a nice sized yard and a basement, we just can't keep spending such an obscene amount of money on our rent. I'm hoping this place will be the one. We'd be saving a significant amount on rent plus it includes heat, water and CABLE! We haven't had cable in ages so that would be a treat.

So once we decide to move for sure I will pretty much need to immediately begin downsizing the STUFF in my house (and garage and basement and yard…ugh) so that it will fit into a 2 bedroom apartment with a 10'x4' storage space.

I think this move will be good for us. It will FORCE us to get organized and embrace our inner minimalists.

One thing is for sure…I am NOT moving our record collection again. No way.


jewelstreet said...

Good luck on the downsizing. I could never do it. I'm a habitual pack rat.

lol about the record collection.

Emily said...

ugh. i hate moving! but free heat, i'd love to have that!