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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

getting organized.

I spent some time getting organized tonight and quickly realized that it's going to take a LOT longer than I imagined to get everything in its place. And I am just talking about my craft area...I won't even begin to write about the other 90% of the house! I did get some important things accomplished tonight, though. Really, it wasn't a total loss...

First, I went through all my gocco ink and got it all into one place. I even wrote down a quick inventory of colors so I know what I have and know what I need. It's taped neatly to the inside cover of my new ink box. This little bit of organization is something that will save me a lot of time when planning projects. Yay!

Next I started a box for thread, string, ribbon and anything else thread, string or ribbon-like. I have a lot more sorting to do so I may need a bigger box before this project is complete.

I also found an old scrapbook with tons of space to add more memories. This is something I really need because I have so many little things (concert tickets, photobooth pictures - I am a packrat!) that are just scattered about all of the time. So I started taping things into that book. Yay!

Then I came across some awesome finds including some fun fabrics

I looove the leopard print fabric. I thought I used the last scraps of it around this time last year to make valentines like these

I am thrilled to have a little fabric left over to play with! I really liked how last year's cards turned out so maybe I'll try something similar.

Well, that is about it. Tomorrow night I will start chipping away at my paper stash. If I keep this up I just might be organized by this time next week!



Shannon said...

Getting organized is a never ending process! I am always working towards it never occomplishing it:) But as you say it is fun to find little treasures like fabric you thought was all gone:)

Cheryl Anne said...

Your success is inspiration! I have such trouble keeping things organized when I am in the midst of a project. I'm chipping away at my whole house, but I'm scared of my craft room! Wish me luck!

mud and mint said...

i'm awful at getting organized and i hate doing it after i've let things go (which happens ALL the time). but then your done and it feels SO good!

hooray for you!
you've inspired me to finish my organizing too.

Georganne said...

Very inspiring!!!

m.Lee said...

I'm crazy about staying organized. Partially because I have a ton of stuff in not a huge space that I share with my daughter. I need to keep things clutter free and safe for her by getting in the habit of putting stuff away.

I redid my gocco drawer with an inner box containing the inks with the bulbs and screens on top.

And I have a little compartment box like yours filled with cut paper scraps. I really enjoy organizing more than cleaning.