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Friday, January 18, 2008

craftacular, choir, cold...

A few things.


I will be vending at the High Noon Valentine Craftacular on February 9. This awesome event is organized byGlitter Workshop and Emily Kircher who are both fantastic and severely talented. They put so much work into these events and they are always so much fun. Mark your calendar if you're in the area!

I am so flippin cold. I have no idea how cold it actually is outside but judging by how chilly I am in my basement typing this right now, it has to be like negative 175 degrees. Seriously. what the h.

In other news, my little nephew Ransom was on the front page of the Wisconsin State Journal today

He is the one who looks like he's screaming. I love it! The article is about the Madison boys' choir and how popular it has become in the past couple of years. Ransom is awesome and passionate about singing. I'm sure he's super excited about being in the paper!

We are taking the kids to the babysitter and going to see friends for dinner tomorrow night. I desperately need a break and haven't seen these particular friends for close to a year and a half. Maybe more like two. And they just live on the west side of Madison. Dear god, how is that possible? One of my goals for this year is go on a date at least once a month with Chad. This month is slipping away so this will have to count. We get out SO little that it will have to!

Stay warm.


Mary said...

the screaming pics are always the best aren't they?

Jessica said...

hey! hope you had a good holiday!
just wanted to say will see you at the valentine craftacular, i will be there also. Im excited to see your new stuff!

big pink heart

Katie said...

love the choir cutie!

& i'm with you on the cold factor. i keep standing under the vents in my apartment, shivering. i would like some summer, yes sir, i would.

Space Oddities said...

Awesome Jessica! See you in a few weeks!