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Wednesday, January 9, 2008


raining hearts - back of card
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So about 2 months ago I lost the stamp that I've been using for the back of my cards, my packaging for button and magnet sets and everything else. I know it's someplace in my house but I cannot figure out where. Last night it occured to me that I have a computer and I have photoshop. So instead of not stamping my site info on the back of some new cards, I printed it on the back of them. I am happy with how it looks. And I have no idea how it's possible that this never occured to me before.

I think that I am very used to doing everything very manually. I like hand stamping every card. I like cutting and pasting each image or hand pressing with my gocco. But last night I realized that using an inkjet printer for a project every now and then isn't so bad.

So anyway there it is. My epiphany of the week.


The Creative Corner said...

Looks like it worked perfectly! great idea to solve the problem. :)

Dharma Designs said...

I like doing everything by hand, too. :-)