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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

turpentine club cat

I was digging through files on my computer and found one that was just these words

Sweet smoky fresh air crackle burn slick summer sandals liquor kid candy cotton hang on let go swim in a sea of swill soft sordid apples black blue-black wasted gone never drink turpentine club cat cool mellow minded made mush swallow sin child clay orange pink blinded by the light star studded laser looker nevermind the snow slide speckled square bore aviator navigator hot car junk van plush popcorn satin lavendar licorice baby breath lemonade sleepy eyes handmade cloudy sweeping soothing unshaven wrapped warped sunny sweater thrift race sweaty sleazy going gone dusty broken branded red vodka martini madness mambo master dreaming transmit end transmission acid trap trip seeking Saturday endless faster go like hell icy inside karate mute corded texture curtain coins inspire love fame friend sparkle possibility patience power optimism smile smack swift sour sentence magical miracle kitty blackula chocolate crayons pineapple martini blast noise liquor swallow dove raspberry twist and shout cocoa sunshine quicksand clouds candyapples can you feel the love in this room sideburns pants sideburns pants sideburns pants if you shave again i’ll die tattooed neck happy eyes pink sunrise bulldozer crane flashing lights flashy nights smooth talker despair graceland wasteland

It hadn't been opened since 2002. I had forgotten until now but I used to get in a mood and just write and write words (and later type words) like crazy in a delirious stream of consciousness, hoping to find something poetic in the mix. It was my writing equivalent of craft therapy.

Reading this now makes me smile. I especially like the line "sideburns pants sideburns pants if you shave again I'll die."


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