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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chad and I had a lovely weekend in Chicago at the Renegade Craft Fair! We had a successful show, beautiful weather and got to meet so many awesome people. We shared a booth with Daniele and Bryon from My Lavaliere. They were fantastic and friendly - we couldn't have asked for more awesome people to share a tent with.

Unfortunately I didn't get a great shot of our booth. I got a couple of quick shots just before my camera battery died. You're not missing anything though - it was not so great! This is the second outdoor show I've ever done and also the first time that we've had a large amount of clothing to show. We were just not prepared and didn't have the time to do a mock set-up before the show. The first day we had our display all wrong - we set it up to basically make it impossible for anyone to get inside our booth. Long story - but we fixed it before the show started on Sunday and it made a big difference. Our sales on Sunday far exceeded Saturday. It's crazy how much difference a display can make!

We made time to check out some of the other vendors and even dropped by the etsy booth - Chad had someone snap his photo with Matt Stinchcomb and also got to chat with several other vendors. You can read more about it and see some photos at his blog.

In the end we had a great show and even made out with lots of awesome handmade goodness! I found some super cute clothes for both of my kiddos from Charlie and Sarah and bought myself a hoodie from them as well. I also got a couple of gorgeous headbands from My Lavaliere. Here I am modeling some of my renegade loot! Chad also got some great t-shirts and art prints. So many great things to choose from!

I'm excited to have a weekend at home without too much on my agenda. We need to get caught up with things around our house and plan a birthday party for Lars. He'll be 5 next week!

In the coming weeks I also plan to get my etsy shop ready for the holidays and get my ducks in a row so I'm ready for winter shows. I'll also be working with the ladies at Anthology and Naomi from Glitter Workshop to design a poster for the Holiday Craftacular. I guess I should chill out this weekend while I can because this little bit of downtime won't last long!


daintydaisies said...

I am sooo sooo jealous! I really wantred to come and at least shop.. but just couldn't! I told my hubby next year I am applying! I am glad you guys had such a great time.. and the weather was PERFECT! :)

Space Oddities said...

Thanks! We had a lot of fun. Yes, you should definitely apply next year!