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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I knocked out a few things that have been on my list for a loooong time today! First, I finally figured out what to do for a display for my next show. I have never had a very cohesive display and had considered spray painting all of my display things silver and using just black and silver everything. I was brain storming yesterday and it occurred to me that it would be kind of cool to make my display match my Space Oddities logo and website. I went out and bought brown, pink and blue table coverings to layer and bought a new cupcake tin to use as a display for small buttons and magnets. I already had some silver tiered cake stand thingies which work well for mirrors and I thought they jived well with what I have going on. I played just a little with the setup today and this is what I came up with. I'm hoping to get a banner that matches everything else in the near future. I have been using the same banner that I made years ago for my very first craft show for years. It's really worn out but it'll have to do for at least one more show!

I also printed some shirts today. I printed a new cupcake shirt and I am happy with the end result. I mixed pink and white ink to make a 'cherry vanilla' cupcake on these soft chocolate brown shirts. I also printed a small batch of owls in love tees - an oldie but a goodie!

More printing is in store tonight! I am hoping to get started with the 'raining in my heart' design but I am having a hard time deciding what colors to use and how to place the images. I may have to wait until it's late and I'm delirious to make a decision.

Wish me luck.


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