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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

It was the first weekend in awhile that I've had very little on my agenda and it was SO nice. I relaxed at home, took the kids to the park, went berry picking with Chad and the kids and their cousins and even squeezed in a movie at the theater (go see 500 Days of Summer, it's beautiful!)

This week I'm working on posting some new things to the etsy shop. I have some fun mirrors, cards and more to add to the shop but it's a little slow going getting photos ready. I love the vintage camera mirrors and magnets I've been making. Aren't old cameras the best? I'll have to scope out more vintage national geographics soon!

I'm also planning a birthday party for Lars this weekend. He's turning five! We're having a kite flying party at the park. Time to find a cake recipe!

Hope your week is most excellent


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