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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's finally autumn in Wisconsin! The weather has cooled down a little and it feels like fall is really here. I love this time of year so much! I'm looking forward to picking pumpkins this weekend out at our CSA farm and maybe making one more trip to the apple orchard if we can find time. Also hoping to take the kids out to fly kites soon since the birthday kite flying didn't work out.

Speaking of birthdays...Lars turned five last week. He had a nice party with friends and family. Thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes and gifts. Lars keeps talking about this birthday and how he had SO much fun and it makes him SO HAPPY. I love it. This photo shows him blowing out candles on the teeny tiny birthday cake he made himself in his brand new easy bake oven from grandma and grandpa.

It's been another busy week. I'm trying to get my craft area organized and get some etsy orders and consignment packages sent off so I can get to making some new things. I'm also working on the poster for the Holiday Craftacular in Madison. It's almost done! I'll show you when it's ready!

One more fun thing: our Raining in my Heart print was featured on the Save Gocco blog last week. How cool is that!

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