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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

my brother knows the answer to everything all of the time...

...and he can fix pretty much anything, too.

I'm feeling grateful for my baby brother tonight, can you tell? I have to say that I wish some of those good genes would have come my way. I am scattered and impatient - he is organized and mellow...and thank goodness somebody is!!

Tonight I was having a mini-meltdown trying to figure something out in photoshop. I finally called my brother who knows the answer to everything and he quickly helped me through it. He is truly a life saver. I think I will be baking something delicious to send his way tomorrow!

In other news, we had our record player fixed and will be getting it back tomorrow. Yay! I have been missing our dinner time dance parties and plan to kick tomorrow night off with some sweet music. The guy who fixed is said that it sounds GREAT. Now that I think about it...I bet my brother could have fixed that, too...

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Christopher And Tia said...

Man, we haven't used our record player in months. Maybe even a year? It was so much more functional before kids, when all we did was play dr. mario and drink pbr. Now everything is dora this, and my little pony that. Blah. Maybe we'll bust it out before Christmas, to play holiday records.