make time to make.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm trying to line up some winter shows and even think about next spring in the event that the Thorson family is still in the midwest. I checked into street vending in the city of Madison and the licensing requirements aren't nearly as bad as I expected so we may apply to vend across from the farmer's market next year. I'm dizzy trying to pull everything together and get any sort of work done at the same time. I still haven't planned a birthday party for my sweet girl who is going to be TWO on Monday! I must make that a priority!

Well here is a glimpse of the upcoming website. I just cropped a little piece of it in progress as a tease. It'll be awhile before it's finished and like I said before, it's hard for me not to reveal something that I'm excited about.

I'm so tired. Forget about laundry, I'm going to bed.



Start To Finish Supplies said...

The last sentence of your post is the story of my life! I have said that way too many times. Actually I have a pile of laundry to do now!

Justyna said...

Your new website is looking so cool!