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Monday, August 11, 2008

birthday fun

hello kitty cupcakes
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My baby girl is TWO today! She had a blast at her party yesterday so much that she didn't nap the entire day. Instead of a cake I made these fun hello kitty inspired cupcakes (with lots of help from the kids!) and they were a big hit. I can't take credit for the creative use of candies to make the kitty face - I found this picture on flickr
for inspiration! I wanted to find sugar bows but couldn't find anyplace that would have something like that and was also open on a Sunday morning. We made it work.

Well, I'm off to lunch! We're going to ella's deli
for ice cream and a carousel ride for the big girl and her proud brother!


SecretMe said...

very nice hope she had a good time, they look yummy!

FallenSheep said...

What adorable cupcakes.
You did an awesome job Mom! =]

Cherry Lane Jane said...

How sweet! have fun with the kids and by the way your an awesome mommy for making those cupcakes!!!!