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Saturday, August 2, 2008

It was a beautiful day. Chad and I took the kids down to the farmer's market, dropped a small batch of items off to Anthology and then spent a lazy day at home. Jette's 2nd birthday is next week so we are trying to see if we can pull off getting our place decent enough for a party. Our house is still half packed! The urgency of unpacking is just not as great at the urgency of packing was a month ago. Not good!

I've been making lots of pocket mirrors and have been sifting through images for buttons and cards for geek-kon. I'm also working on a custom shirt order for a bachelorette party. Chad has been drawing a lot lately and is thinking about doing some simple Madison themed paintings this week. He actually had this idea and a certain style in mind years back and hadn't considered it in awhile. When we talked to Emily at the market this morning and she mentioned the popularity of Madison items he decided to give it a try. I hope he makes something quick so I can show it off!

Well, I've started to apply for some winter shows and have a few more I'm waiting on the applications to open up. I am going to try to fit in as many shows as I can in November and December. Unfortunately a couple of the shows/show dates I want to apply for are doubled up this year. But I should still be able to get at least 2 in for November and 2 in December. I hope! And I've been talking with another WIST team member about trying to coordinate another trunk show for the street team at Lazy Jane's this year. It was a nice little event last year and I hope we can make it happen again! I really WANT to apply for more shows that are coming up sooner but I know I won't be ready. Plus I've probably missed the deadline in most cases anyway. So...for the rest of the year it'll be all about the holiday shows!

I'm off to make more mirrors. I'll leave you with this one which is my favorite from last night's batch. The image is from an old French children's book. I seriously can't believe I cut it to pieces. It was gorgeous and perfectly aged. But also very damaged. I love this picture because it reminds me of my father who played piano from a very young age and talks about how when he was eight years old he would give the neighbor girls piano lessons. So cute. It also reminds me sitting on my daddy's lap playing piano when I was a child. Aww. So sappy, I know. :)

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Rosebud Collection said...

What a cute mirror and I don't think it is a sappy memory..I love it.