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Friday, August 8, 2008

bike love, car love.

I just made this cute bike love button.

Chad and Lars are really into riding bikes lately and I wanted to make a fun button, maybe something for Lars to pin to a fall jacket. It was Chad's idea to put the hearts in the spokes. I like it! I made one with a bold blue background for Lars and made some of the pink background for my shop.

We don't have much planned for Saturday. I think I'm going to try to stay home and clean the house so we can have a few people over to celebrate Jette's birthday on Sunday. Oh! And my brother-in-law is driving our car home from Texas this weekend, yay! When I visited last month I LEFT MY CAR in his driveway thinking it would be easier to leave it there and fly in with the kids when we moved. Well as you know our move is now postponed indefinitely so we've been without the car for awhile. I miss it! But I've realized that we don't need it as much as we think.

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VivaVariety said...

That is really cute! Your blog is adorable!