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Monday, September 8, 2008

Shows to apply for! Contests to win!

A couple of things you should know about!

First, before you do anything else, go to Christopher and Tia's blog for a chance to win a set of my French Text Revamped notecards! I believe you have through Wednesday but hey, why wait.

Next, there are fantastic craft shows coming up in Wisconsin this winter and it's time to apply!

Glitter Workshop is now taking applications for the Winter Craftacular on December 6th. It's at a new location, downtown Madison at the Masonic center. For more info and to apply for this awesome show click HERE.

And if you're a member of the WIST (Wisconsin Etsy Street Team,) it's time to apply for our second annual WIST Holiday Trunk show at Lazy Jane's in Madison. For more info and to apply for this event, click HERE.

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Christopher And Tia said...

Oh. I guess I could have clearly posted that everyone has until Thursday morning to enter huh? Well... I'll just go fix that :)