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Thursday, September 11, 2008

fall shows, to-do lists, stuff

Look, a new mirror!

french text mirror
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I can't believe it's already Thursday! The week has flown by. This week at work I've decided to force myself to be severely cheerful. To my surprise, it's really working and is making my days go faster and things generally more pleasant. Not that my work isn't generally's just that lately there are a lot of times when I'd just rather be home with my family, you know? It's funny how the pretending to be in a good mood can work. I'm really in a good mood. But...well, it's 3 a.m. and we'll see how I feel at six when I get up to go to work again. Ha!

Today I made a massive list of things to do to prepare Space Oddities for upcoming fall shows (see the list on the top left for Fall Shows!) and the upcoming holiday season online and in brick & mortar shops. It turns out I have a LOT to do! One thing I have to do a lot of is packaging. I have a ton of pin and magnet sets and mirrors ready but need to make them look pretty and and finished. I've started to cut paper in bulk which makes things faster, and have realized that I should probably begin to print my labels instead of hand stamping them all due to the time it takes. But I really love the hand stamped look even if it's NOT so perfect and polished. So I think at least for now I'm sticking to it.

I'm excited for our non-eventful weekend. I'm hoping we can just hang out at home, maybe go to the market on Saturday, and spend some time crafting! I just ordered a batch of new tote bags to print on and just maaaybe I'll get them in time to bust out the gocco and print this weekend. Fingers crossed!


shells said...

Good luck getting everything ready! You sound organized to me :) I love your things - I collect button badges :)

Stacey said...

Wow, I am impressed with all the shows you are participating in, that is awesome, and understandably a lot of work. Sounds like you are up for it. :)

Estela said...

AH! I love the new mirror!

irenedesign said...

Sounds like a fun weekend aheah! I like the new mirror. happy packaging!