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Monday, September 1, 2008

new cards!

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I've been busy creating this weekend and will be posting cards, mirrors and more in my shop this week!

I made a batch of cards last night using images I found in an adorable old childrens' book. I cannot get over how cute the illustrations are. I let this book sit for a long time before I finally tore into was almost too cute to destroy!

The one pictured above is one of my favorites. What a perfect little card for a birthday or thank you.

My weekend was nice. I worked a little but made sure to relax a little, too. Yesterday the whole fam went to House on the Rock in Spring Green. It was crazy busy which we should have thought about considering the holiday weekend. But it was also super fun. The kids did great and thought it was pretty amazing. They really liked the gigantic carousel and the massive whale. Can you believe I forgot my camera? I ended up using a disposable so I could at least get a few shots. We'll have to go again so I can capture some more of the amazing, creepy stuff in that place!

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Anonymous said...

Hi :) I've been desperately trying to find one illustrator from my choldhood books. I believe that illustrator happens to be there in your new cards! :) (and also on the little mirror you've got in Etsy, with that little mermaid and gnome). I'd be so happy if you could tell me the name of the illustrator in those books you've found!! :)

You can email me at - please! :)