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Sunday, September 7, 2008

farmer's market, stuff, more stuff.

farmer's market: We decided to go to the west side Hilldale market this week. We weren't feeling up to the chaos of downtown and really just wanted cheese bread and pastries, not a big production. It was really nice and mellow and the kids did great. We polished off a carton of raspberries before we even left the market!

stuff: I was able to clean up the house a little bit which makes me happy. I bought a new vacuum cleaner and a new broom which helped a ton. I also bought a new cordless phone. Our old one broke a few weeks back and since then we've been using a ridiculous ELVIS phone that signs Jailhouse Rock every time someone calls. It was realllly getting on my nerves so I broke down and got a new phone. So yeah, I pretty much bled money this weekend.

more stuff: I made a bunch of pins and mirrors last week and started to get some of them packaged in sets yesterday. I am usually not very efficent with this piece of my business and I usually package things here and there, rarely in batches. This time I decided to try to try doing each piece in an assembly line fashion, hoping to get more done and not have to repeat the same steps every time I need something packaged. So I cut about 100 paper backings and stamped them, cut the same number of paper pieces for the top labels, and started sorting items to be packaged. I didn't finish a ton of stuff completely but I have all of the pieces, so when I'm ready it'll be quick. Yay! Instead of making matchy matchy magnet sets, I made a batch of "mix it up!" magnets featuring six various magnets with images from childrens' books, french novels, pretty papers, comics, textbooks and more. I dig the variety, it makes me happy.



La Alicia said...

enjoyed your post -- I guess our farmers market is teeny tiny in comparison! I ate a handful of strawberries one day while shopping and finished them in the car onthe way home! :) Glad you had fun!

Nicki Leigh said...

I am glad to hear you had a good time. I always enjoy going to the farmer's markets. The fruit is always the first thing we go for ;)