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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

cuteness overload

lars & jette
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Chad ordered the most adorable plushies from bubbletime's etsy shop. One for Lars, one for Jette. Thank goodness for that - no fights so far. The fluffcrobes are super soft and sooo painfully cute. Love love love them. Thank you, bubbletime!

I want to try to take the kids to a movie tonight. They are 2 and 3 years old and we have NEVER tried going to a movie besides the drive-in. I think that Lars will do fine, he likes watching movies and can stay interested for quite awhile. Jette I am not so sure about…she pretty much never watches T.V. except for an occasional few minutes of Arthur. But I think that if we give her some yummy theater treats and go kind of late she'll maybe just snack and then fall alseep. Maybe. Ha! Any toddler movie tips??? Wish me luck!


Art By MAR said...

Adorable plushies and adorable kids! Sorry no tips for you. My son never had an interest in movies until he was older. My daughter always refused to go until she was older because she was afraid of the dark!

bubbletime said...

Yay! They look pleased with their Fluffcrobes- I'm so glad :) Have fun little 'Crobes!

Kari said...

Those plushies are super cute! Have fun taking your kids to their first movie. That is such a fun thing to do with them!