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Friday, January 30, 2009

home again.

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I'm getting back into the swing of things after a trip to New Mexico to visit friends followed by a couple of days sick at home in bed. Now I am going to try to catch up on etsy orders and do my taxes before the day ends tomorrow (plus work my day job all day today and tomorrow, eek!)

Lars is looking pretty surly in this picture but it's one of my favorites.We had a great time in New Mexico! We ate lots of amazing food including divine guacamole by jessi, greasy vegetarian tacos from el parasol and lots of other delicious items all of which included green chiles (they are on EVERY menu in NM, seriously.) We got to see beautiful mountains, gorgeous sunsets and….no snow! But mostly it was so great to see Lars play with his friends Max and Dez and for me to get to hang out with Jessi and Mario, the best people in the whole world. It was sad to say goodbye!

Back in Wisconsin things are...cold.

In related news I have a new TV addiction after a couple of late nights with my friends and will probably have to join netflix again to catch up on It's always sunny in philadelphia.



Glitter Workshop said...

soooooo jealous! were you in espanola? if so, you were only a little way away from my mom!

take care!

Space Oddities said...

Hi Naomi! Yes, we stayed in Espanola and spent a little time in Taos and Albuquerque. It was gorgeous. Where does your mom live?