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Monday, February 2, 2009

Thank God it's Monday.

I had an absolutely insane week followed by a sort of mellow Sunday. We had some friends over Sunday just to hang out and catch up. We never see them so it was really nice. The kids never know what to do when we have guests. They pretty much just want to give hugs and crawl all over any person who walks through our front door. It's funny, sort of.

Chad has been working on some artwork for a role play game rule book called Swords & Wizardry. His illustrations are pretty awesome and I think it's exciting that he will have some of his work in print. The book is available HERE.

Well it's February, the longest short month of the year. To all of you enduring the cold and snow along with me - hang in there. Spring has to come eventually, right?

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Meekiyu said...

o thats very cool.. lulu and role playing game hmm that sounds interesting and yes winter brrr.... spring.. ahh... sigh of relief.