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Saturday, January 3, 2009


owl be yours BUTTON
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I was super duper burnt out with all things Space Oddities by the time mid-December rolled around. I was thrilled to have some time off from my day job and from my etsy shop/craft routine once the Christmas rush was over and I had some time off for the holidays.

I seriously felt like I wanted to throw away all of my craft supplies and call it quits.

I'm glad I didn't.

Is this just how everyone feels after the busy holiday season? Luckily this feeling only lasted for about 2 weeks. It went like this: Chad reminded me how much I love making valentines. I told him I never wanted to make anything ever again. I started organizing supplies and found lots of stuff that would be perfect for making lovely valentines, something sparked and I got totally inspired. The end.

So far I've just begun sorting through supplies and gathered one big box of goodies to turn into pretty valentine creations. I'm hoping to find time over the next couple of weeks to get crafting. I've also planned a trip at the end of January to visit my dear friend Jessi in New Mexico so I should probably get started sooner instead of later!

Our first sweet lovey valentine's day item is this Owl Be Yours button made with a revamped version of Chad's owliver illustration. It complements the owl be yours notecards from last year and just makes me smile. I plan to make a couple of versions of these and they'll be available in the etsy shop and at Anthology (as soon as I'm able to get down there!)

Well I'm off to take the kids to the movies. The last toddler movie experience was a bust so wish me luck!


emily said...

When my last craft show is over, I'm really ready for a break from making things, but I've never wanted to throw all my stuff away! Glad you are back crafting!

creativesundries said...

Awww, this is so cute! "I told him I never wanted to make anything ever again." nooooo!~

Yes, i've been there. It passes within minutes, but you know, sometimes I just get frustrated!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the holidays and hope to see you in Mpls. again soon!

Sarah :-)

Becky said...

I, for one, am so glad you didn't call it quits!

"Owl Be Yours" is brilliant!

Space Oddities said...

Thanks everyone! Yes, I am totally back on crafting. Now if I could only find the TIME!

Anonymous said...

I've got the "wanting to throw everything away and start over" feeling right now. No recent craft shows brought it on - I just have a more refined sense of what I like and what I want to make, but I still have a lot of leftovers from past experiments. I started going through my supplies - to find things for valentines, in fact - and I got totally overwhelmed by STUFF!

But enough about me... love the new stuff and glad to see you're still making!