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Thursday, July 31, 2008

olive oil & gocco

Olive oil is magical. Tonight I found out that instead of wasting money buying expensive gocco screen cleaner, I can just use olive oil. It seriously works just as well, probably better. Many months ago someone suggested this online and it sounded to weird to me. I wish I could remember who/where this suggestion came from so I could thank them but I just don't remember. If it was you: thank you!! You've saved me time, money and screens.


Rosebud Collection said...

Do you mean, clean the screen with olive oil? Not sure I read this right. If so, what an idea..but won't try it till I know for sure that is what you meant..

Space Oddities said...

YES! Instead of using the gocco screen cleaning goop you can buy by the tube, you can use olive oil.

It WORKS. I just scraped off all of the ink that I could, saturated a paper towel with oil, and wiped the ink away. It seemed to work even better than the solution I usually buy, and is a fraction of the cost. I assure you that it worked - I printed some cards immediately afterwards and they came out perfectly!

melroska said...

thank you for this tip! i am waiting for my gocco to arrive in the mail, I can't wait!