make time to make.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

buttons, holidays, xmen

I haven't accomplished much outside of working a LOT of hours at my day job this week so far. Last night Chad and I made lots of buttons and prepped a ton of images to make mirrors and magnets when the supplies come in this week. I have Friday off so I'm hoping to spend some of the day with the gocco and button machine.

I was looking at this forum thread on etsy by meringueshop yesterday and it really got me thinking about the upcoming holiday season. Last year's holiday season on etsy was fantastic but it could have been better if I had been more organized and efficent with keeping my shop stocked with inventory. This thread along with a few other holiday related threads on the etsy forums have given me some good ideas/inspiration on how to get my shop ready for the upcoming months. It's crazy how fast it's come again!

Okay well I'll leave you with this xmen pin set. It makes me happy. I know that it's the obvious choice, but I really love Wolverine. He's superawesome.