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Monday, March 3, 2008

More new pins!

I just listed these Land of the Lost pinback buttons in my shop. The book I took the images from was so damaged I couldn't bear to keep it in our collection any longer. Lars and Jette tore an already damaged book to shreds and I had to save what was left of it!

I have only recently (in the past year or so) become a land of the lost fan. And I am talking about the 70s version...I guess there was also a 90s version but I am clueless about that. Chad always talked about the show but since I missed it the first time around I didn't have the same appreciation as him. I started paying attention when Lars started to watch old episodes with Chad maybe a year ago...and I love it! It's ridiculous and awesome. Yay for Sid & Marty Krofft!

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MineFull said...

Land of the of my favorites to watch after school. Sometimes I'll see Sid and Marty Croft movies at the library and I'm always tempted to rent them but watching them as an adult makes them loose their magic. I remember these shows with such fondness...but we once did rent a Bugaloos episode and I had to leave the room!
Love the pins by the way!