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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter and Bust.

BUST etsy cooperative ad
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The latest issue of BUST is out! I'm excited to show off the cooperative Etsy ad that is in the issue because I was lucky enough to snag a spot in it. I'm happy with how the ad looks and with the fact that etsy was very clear about how to search for shops. Yay!

Our weekend was crazy and mellow. Saturday we had a going away party for my brother and sister-in-law who are moving to New Orleans next month. By Saturday night I was exhausted and had decided that I didn't want to do ANYTHING on Sunday. So we had a relaxed Easter. The kids searched for their Easter baskets in the morning and then we planted some little flower pots, watched cartoons and went out to lunch. It was a lovely weekend. Now if only the snow would melt.


Caroline said...

I hope the ad drives more traffic to your shop! I'm considering one of those print ads, too, but you've got to be quick to snag 'em!

Kellybot said...

You got the first slot - sweet! This is the first I've seen of the ad and I must say I'm impressed by the quality of the photos and the overall look of the ad. I was thinking that it had the potential to be hideous if a bunch of lousy-picture-takers got the spots. Do I make sense? Not too mean?

Anyway - hope it brings you lots of traffic!

Allison said...

Yet another reason for me to go track down the new BUST :]