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Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow, Shoveling, Screen Printing...

Well, I was stuck in the house most of the weekend. Chad worked on Saturday and the kids and I stayed home and cleaned, played, and watched as the snow covered everything outside very quickly. Then sunday we shoveled for what seemed like forEVER and let the kids play in the snow. It was exhausting and fun!

I spent some time screen printing onesies this weekend. I have some fun new colors available in my etsy shop including olive green, rosy pink and bright blue. Fun stuff for little ones!

Have a great week everyone!


iSew said...

The onesies are super cute!

I wish it would snow where I live...sigh.

Crafts and Gift Guru Gal said...

are those hooters meant to be placed at that spot?

Space Oddities said...

LOL! umm, it never crossed my mind! these are for BABIES!!