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Monday, July 2, 2007

stuff I want

My birthday is next week. Here is my wish list...Chad, are you reading?!

Xyron Sticker Machine

Hand carved custom rubber stamp by Mayberry Sparrow



1980s High School Yearbooks


m.Lee said...

Why don't you make your own stamps? (if you can find the pink stuff that is the best) (or you could even use a wooden spoon)

I am considering picking up some stamp carving material along with that set of cheap lino cutters because my nice carving tools for wood do not work well with it at all. Sometimes the cheap stuff is best!

Space Oddities said...

I have thought about making my own but I just don't know if I have the patience for it!! Thanks for the links, though - I may give it a try!!

Space Oddities said...

wow it's way less expensive than I thought to pick up the supplies for stamp making m.lee! thanks again!

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

Thanks for the link to mayberry's shop -- her custom stamps look wonderful! (They're now on my wish list, too ...)

m.Lee said...

Her stamps do look wonderful and seem totally fairly priced too.

But we are crafty/ artsy people and stamp making is fun!

m.Lee said...

Oh I forgot the ink.

Oil based is ALWAYS best but not always the best for a beginner.

Speedball waterbased is cheap and easy to find but it kinda sucks. It would work fine for stamping except no this. If the stamped paper gets wet it will be ruined because the ink will run.

The oil based isn't something I would use for my serious work but for stamping it would be just fine. Cleanup with vegetable oil works.

m.Lee said...

no = know

If you have a Dick Blick store nearby you should be able to find everything you need.

Space Oddities said...

thanks for the tips! awesome.

and yes, mayberry sparrow's look GREAT and the price seems fair. It has to take a lot of time - that is the part I am concerned with. It seems like such a fun craft, though!!

m.Lee said...

Oh they aren't that hard or time consuming with the right tools. Start with a simple design. I didn't have much luck using my woodcarving tools because the blades are too thick for the rubber but the speedball ones should work great.

But then again I kinda know my way around carving.

pamela michelle said...

And I thought I was the only one who asked for multipacks of sharpies for holidays. :)