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Saturday, July 7, 2007

stickers and swag.

I bought a sticker maker and it is even more fun than I imagined. I love it!! I played with it today and made stickers for my son and daughter and then made some small sets to post on etsy. I also whipped up some fun but random sets of 2 stickers to add to my trashion goody bag stuff and finally got all of that finished and (almost) ready to ship! It feels so good to have accomplished something!

Tomorrow I am hoping to go to Art vs. Craft if my kids are seeming up to it. I also have a ton of stuff to ship. Ugh, shipping. I wish the post office would just come to ME!



m.Lee said...

Awesome stickers! Did you ever find a coupon ya cheapskate? :P

Space Oddities said...

LOL! No! I was at Target and found it for way cheaper than at the craft store, though.