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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

a great book.

This old French novel that I picked up at a thrift store in Denver has turned out so many awesome projects!! I'm thinking up more crafty goodness to utilize the rest of the pages. Below is what I've come up with so far...

Before I even got on the airplane to go home, I started ripping out pages with these notecards in mind.

and then I punched some of the pages into circles and stamped with pretty birds to make these magnet sets. I used scraps of the pages to make the packaging, too. Fun!

and of course I had to make some pinback buttons!! That's it so far! I plan to save some of the pages to use with my gocco, which I am hopefully getting for my birthday next week. I love the results of design over book text. I also just love French. French makes everything look and sound better. Au revoir!

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pamela michelle said...

AWesome! looks great!