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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pendant Display

I needed a way to display pendants at shows. I actually have NOT been bringing these to the farmers' market because I just hadn't found a good way to show them. I searched for a simple DIY tutorial and found THIS one which I ended up using as a guide.

I actually made mine even more simple than the tutorial suggested by just using the backing of a picture frame for my base (the easel back part.) I wrapped it in pretty paper, cut small slits where the ribbon would slide through on the sides and then secured the ribbon on the board. The one thing about the tutorial I found that didn't make sense is how you would remove individual pendants when one sold. I decided to tie each one on a small ribbon that can easily be tied or untied from the main ribbon. I am happy with how it turned out!

Yes, it's a little loud with the dots and the floral, but i kind of love it.  Loud is sort of my thing. I plan to make one or two more so I have space to show off lots of goodies.

Yay! I'm excited to debut lots of new pendants at the Craftacular next weekend!


Burning Moon said...

Cute idea I like it,You cold even get small 'Hooks' to place your pendants onto which would make them easy to add/take off as well.

Alisson said...

Really Cute! I too struggle with how to display jewelry. Then I get frustrated and don't want to have them at shows until I have a good display!