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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer, Sewing, Swag...

Hope you are enjoying your summer! It is moving so quickly. Somehow my oldest will be starting kindergarten in a month. I don't know how this is feels like he was just born! 

It was another busy week, starting with a fantastic t-ball game (Lars is doing better every week!)  I also got to spend some time with the lovely Jenny of The Painted Daisy who is helping me learn some sewing basics. I managed to finish this bag with a lot of help. I really love the vintage ribbon accents. See, without Jenny's direction, i seriously would have just used the ribbon FOR the handles. I'm excited to start learning to sew and hope to make the time to take a consistent class in the fall. I really want to be able to feel comfortable sewing so that I can do my own thing! 

Saturday Chad vended solo at the market while the kids and I visited Naomi of Glitter Workshop and her sweet family to celebrate a special 2 year old's birthday. We had such a nice time and my kids didn't have any major freak outs, so that is good. It was also fun to see Naomi's current sewing projects (she's learning, too...and is tackling a way more advanced project which is inspiring!) and crafty work space. I also (finally!) managed to get hair cuts for both of my kiddos this weekend. They are looking pretty sharp for the time being so I had better get some photos before they get shaggy again.

The farmers' market has been a little slow lately but we are still enjoying it. I have to admit that Chad and I are both looking forward to autumn and the last few farmers' markets so that we can have a few more Saturdays free. Our schedules are already jam packed so vending at the market is a big commitment for us. We're not completely sure if it's something we'll do again next year or not. Only time will tell! As for this season, we plan to vend Saturdays right up until October 23, weather permitting. We are calling it quits a couple of weeks early (the market runs up through the first weekend of November!) as we have a fun mini-vacation planned at House on the Rock for Halloween weekend. We're going to the Neil Gaiman American Gods event! I'm super excited!

Oh! also finally finished a little something for the Craftacular goody bags this weekend! I'm looking forward to this event but can't believe it's already just 2 weeks away! I was definitely hoping to have more new things made before now. As usual, I will probably wait until 2 days before the show and then I'll begin to freak out and make last minute arrangements. It's kind of my thing. And it usually works out okay so I guess I will just roll with it. The Craftaculars are always such great events so no mater what I have or don't have to sell, at least I know it'll be totally fun! If you're near Madison, stop by to check it out on August 15. The first 50 shoppers will get free goody bags stuffed with awesome swag from the vendors!

And because I keep forgetting, I want to mention now that I have a couple talented friends who have recently opened etsy shops! You can now find beautiful photography prints by the very talented Sharyn Morrow at Sharyn Shoots. And if you're looking for super fun gift soaps (pac-man, owl, retro/mod designs to name a few) you should check out Little Sparrow Soap

Okay I am off to check out this splash park that my kids keep talking about. Have a fantastic week! 


Anonymous said...

Great post. You guys have got so much going on ::D

Haley Studio said...

Way to go! Sewing is so rewarding for me, it's great to be able to just make the thing that will do the job!

I went through my misc. wool fabric box last night and got inspired -- my show coming up in November is probably just the right distance away.