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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life is Sweet

What a crazy weekend! Saturday we celebrated Jette's 4th birthday and got to spend time with family and friends who we hadn't seen in a long time. It ended up being a super crazy day so I am really glad that we skipped the farmers' market in the morning. It was the best call we could have possibly made. I am pretty sure that we would have both been a wreck if we had tried to pull off everything we had planned to!

Saturday night we had some time to focus on last minute Craftacular details (and catch up on True Blood) while our little ones were off with grandma and grandpa. Chad finished up some original paintings and I worked on signage and finishing up some pendants. We stayed up insanely late but felt very ready for the show on Sunday, yay!
Sunday we got up bright and early and planned to be at the Craftacular setting up by 8:00. As usual, we ended up running a little late and then got stopped by a lovely small town cop for not making a complete stop at a stop sign...what? So yeah, we were our typical unfashionably late selves as usual. It all worked out fine, though. Here is a partial shot of our booth at the show.
We had such an excellent day! The venue was perfect and there were so many fabulous vendors at the show. I came home with some great craft show loot including an amazing apron for my daughter from rustbelt fiberwerks, fun hair accessories from Confectionique and The Glitter Workshop, and THIS super rad monster print from Jimbot. Oh! I was also lucky enough to go home with a super nice tote bag commemorating the whole event stuffed with some goodies from the vendors. And last but definitely not least, Chad and I both scored caramel apples from Kim's Crafty Apple! Serious YUM!!!

We met so many great people and chatted with old friends. We sold lots of our wares and heard some really great feedback from return customers and kind words from new customers. We even had some friends that we hadn't seen in years that were visiting town stop in to say hi. It was really just the perfect day. To top it off, Chad and I were also celebrating our 12 year anniversary. It was so nice to be able to spend the day together! 

I am feeling so grateful for my life lately. Yes, it is insanely chaotic and most days I forget which way is up. I spend a lot of time just trying to figure out what do do next and struggle with priorities. But these things are so trivial. I have a loving family and amazing friends. I have a job that pays the bills and leaves my nights and weekends free for time with my loved ones and my crafty ventures. Kids who make me laugh every day. Friends who are always there for me, no matter what. A husband who is my soul mate and can finish my thoughts. All of these things make the lack of cable tv and home repair skills, kiddos bordering on sassy and perpetual mountain of laundry seem like a dream.

Life is sweet.


Anastasia Korbitz and Jessica Regele said...

What a great picture of your booth! :) Great chatting with you Andrea! Great post.

Naomi said...

I agree with all of it. Although my kids are definately beyond 'borderline' on the sassy.. ugh.

Huge xx's and oo's.