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Monday, January 11, 2010

I have a paper problem.

I went paper crazy this weekend! I started sorting through tons of paper scraps that have been aquired over the years. I have a long way to go but got through a lot and along the way I started to cut paper hearts for valentine making and assemble some paper scrap packs to sell in my shop and possibly at Anthology (thanks for the suggestion, Laura!) So all in all it was a success. I plan to go through lots more this weekend. The plan is to get organized and STAY organized. That's possible, right?

I also FINALLY finished up the art journal I have been holding onto for way too long. The theme is 'healing' and this is what I came up with.

Have an excellent week! Happy Crafting!


J said...

Cool! Thanks for the pocket mirrors, they are lovely. You can always make more camera stuff and let me know. Great gifts for friends who are photographers.

Did you cut those hears out by hand?

Space Oddities said...

glad you like them!! i love vintage cameras and add things with that theme to my shop as often as i can. :)

yes, they're all cut by hand. i enjoy it! hope you can come to the valentine get together? xoxo