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Monday, August 24, 2009

lots of awesome!

Lots of fun new things to share this week!

I had a custom stamp made to use for the back of cards and for some packaging. I love how it turned out! A big thank you to Tickled Pink Paper & Ink on etsy!

Okay, are these shirts the cutest thing ever or what? One of my favorite etsy sellers, heatherjeany has started to print some of her designs on kid shirts. I love all of the designs so I decided to let my kids pick out which one they wanted instead of choosing for them. LOVE these shirts!

In other news, we have been gearing up for Renegade! Did I mention that we will be vending at Renegade Craft Fair Chicago in September?! Very fun! We are working on making lots of new goodies. I'm not sure how much can be accomplished in the next few weeks but we are hoping to bust out one or two new designs before the show. More on that soon!

Busy busy busy lately! Today is Chad's birthday so we are off for a fun night out in just a bit.

Have a lovely week!


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