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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the cupcakes!

Aside from the very sweet frosting, the mint cookie cupcake experiment turned out okay! I left half of them unfrosted and tried one with ice cream earlier. YUM.

My husband's birthday is in 2 weeks and I'm thinking about making some sort of key lime cake or cupcake. He loves key lime pie but I kind of want to mix it up a little. Does anyone have recipe suggestions?


Jessi said...

make him a vanilla cake and bury one whole lime, skin and all, in it. whoever gets the piece with the lime (and eats the whole thing) gets to take home all of chad's birthday presents. i'm crossing my fingers chad finds it, because man it would suck to have to give away all your own birthday presents.

Atom Kid said...
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Space Oddities said...

Jessi, that sounds like some sort of deep thoughts with Jack Handey business. You crack me up! :)

IckyDogCreations said...

You must send me those cupcakes!!! Omnomnomnom!
Key lime pie! Do it!