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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

super secret valentine contest

Valentine's day is my favorite occasion for crafting! I feel like giving away some valentinesy goodies to spread the love.

Leave a comment today or tomorrow (2/6/08 through 2/7/08) and you will be entered into a drawing to win one of two valentine gift packs. These packs include 2 raining hearts cards, 2 heartbreaker pins and 2 heartbreaker stickers and come in a variety of colors (I'll choose the color.)

I will draw 2 winners on Friday. And I promise to ship your gift pack out to you in time for Valentine's day!

Please make sure you leave either your e-mail address or some link back to you so that I can contact you if your name is drawn.



Jessica said...

oo oooh, fun and super cute!

jenns said...

I love the "raining hearts" cards. totally cool.

Hey Harriet said...

Oh gosh I do love comps & these are so sweet!
& hey, that's a lovely looking treasury btw :)
PS - I'm an Aussie, so if that excludes me from the comp because of postage costs probs. & certainly no hard feelings ;)

jewelstreet said...

Awesome cards! And, I love the stickers and pins.

Btw, great treasury!

Simply Wired Custom Jewelry said...

Yay! I love giveaways. These items are awesome!

Emily said...

happy valentine's day!!!

Amateur de Livre said...

Glad to find your blog - these are great!

Leah said...

Thanks for reminding me that V-day is coming up. :) The Heartbreaker pin backs are very cool!

Nicole Solo said...

so cute! I love contests too!

RuralAbandon said...

Giveaway...I'm in! Very cute stuff too.

RowleyBaby said...

What a fun Valentine's Giveaway! :)

Beautiful blog!